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Speed reduction technology is heavily relied on in the Robotics, Aerospace, and Medical Equipment industries. Industry standard speed reducers require a special metal alloy, expensive high precision machining, and must be replaced about one time every two years when run on 18 hour shifts.  The short life span of a speed reducer results in a loss of productivity, which can prove very costly to a company.

Circular Wave Drive will enable a full product line of low-cost, compact, highly-efficient, ruggedized, speed-reducing gearing systems which overcome the limitations of both the Harmonic Gear Drive and Nabtesco RV, enabling the CWD to disrupt both the value and premium markets.


Compact size, high precision, low backlash, and manufactured from solid steel leading to a longer life-cycle of the speed reducer as well as low-cost in both materials and fabrication.


Dr. Zheng

Dr. Yuanfang Zheng is a Winbiger Endowed Chair professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. Dr. Zheng’s research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, DoD, Air Force Research Laboratory, and other federal agencies with 300 publications in his fields of interests including two books and 97 refereed journal papers.

Professor Zheng has won numerous awards honoring his research contributions and society services, including the Presidential Young Investigator Award from President Ronald Reagan in 1986.