CWD is poised to upset existing speed reducer landscape, as it offers a longer life span and lower cost of materials and fabrication than current solutions. The company seeks funding to complete the DFM prototype to bolster its business development and engineering capabilities. The company is focused on launching the technology in China due to the latter’s sizeable market and aggressive push toward innovative speed reducer technology. 


Customer Problem

Existing speed reducers for high-torque and low-torque applications have short lifespans and are expensive to manufacture. On average, when run on continuous 18-hour shifts, a speed reducer must be replaced every two years, at a cost that represents more than one third of the total cost of operating industrial robots. 


The Drive

CWD’s full product line will replace high-torque and low-torque reducers with highly precise technology that is compact in size, made from solid steel components, has a longer life-cycle, and a low-cost for materials and fabrication. 

Target Market

Total global market for speed reducers: $3.08 billion. China commands 36% of that market. High-torque speed reducers make up 60% of the market and low-torque reducers make up the remaining 40%. CWD can replace the full range of speed reducers.